★ Beer server for canned beer! -- Rich and creamy lather.
A refreshing beer should always have a generous head of froth. Get this Ultrasonic Foamy Handy Beer Server. This is the best way to improve your home parties with a taste of the creamy beer. Just slide in a can of beer, press the button, and let the ultrasonic waves froth up your beverage in seconds!

★ Relax and enjoy anywhere!
In the end of a working day, when back to home, you want to drink beer with a bath. Our beer server helps you taste delicious foamy beer easily! Enjoy refreshing beer anywhere! At home, of course, camping, barbecue, parties, etc.

★ Advanced micro-foam technology
Ultrasonic waves are the secret to creating full-bodied foam. About 40,000 vibrations per second, creates extremely small and smooth bubbles that last a long time. Enhance the aroma, texture and taste of canned beer.

Easy to use
1.Pull down the trigger on handle and open the top cap;
2.Load 2pcs battery (1.5V, AAA), put back and close the top cap;
3.Open a canned beer and attach onto this foam maker;
4.Ensure the beer can openings locked at the inner mouth clips position;
5.Pull upward the trigger on handle, red light on, you can start pouring now; (keep pressing the trigger, pouring foam; stop pressing the trigger, pouring liquid beer, separate the foam and liquid clearly) 
6.Push forward the lever on can holder and take out the can.

● Power supply: 2pcs battery (1.5V, AAA) (not included)
● Weight: 140 g
● Dimensions: W145 X D78 X H155 (mm)
● Material: ABS, silicon gel
● Operating: Ultrasonic vibration
● Application: Canned beer 350ml/500ml

Package Included
1 * Beer Foam Maker

Please take down the battery cap part while cleaning the device.

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Bovon Beer Foam Maker,Portable Battery Powered Handy Beer Server Ultrasonic Beer Foamer, Micro-foam Creamy Beer Frother Dispenser for Canned Beer 330ml/500ml (White)

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  • Product Code: Beer Dispenser
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